Look for Bunnies


Remembering Zoe Jane

Mom, Look for Bunnies!

The Saturday after ZoeJane returned to live with our Heavenly Father our family decided to venture out to find her final resting place.

I felt bad that I had not planned all this already, but it was something I think any parent would dread.

Mike and I have always loved visiting the Salt Lake City Cemetary. It’s so beautiful and peaceful there.

Mike had made his mind up already that it would definitely be the location but said he would entertain us by looking at a few other places as well.

Our first stop was the Salt Lake City Cemetary. As we drove around, I felt numb. There was another cemetery very close by called Mt. Olivet. It’s located right across the street from the University of Utah’s Rice Eccles Stadium.

There was a Utes game going on so the main entrance to the cemetery was closed. As we passed the cemetery we noticed there was a back road and the gate was open, so we entered that way.

As we were making our way down the back road Mike said out loud,

“Okay Baby girl. You need to let us know where you want to be.”

Not even 15 seconds later I looked over and saw a little brown bunny in the grass. Chills ran through me, and I screamed,

“Wait! Stop! This is it! This is where she wants to be!”

I could hardly contain the emotion running through me as I explained to Mike and boys that about a year prior, as ZoeJane and I were having one of our nightly conversations as I would tickle her back, she said,

“Mom, you know how we look for signs of those we love that have passed away? Like, we look for Sunflowers and think of Alexis? Well, if I die mom, I want you to look for bunnies.”

At the time I smiled and said, “Honey! Bunnies? Where am I gonna see bunnies!?”

We laughed and I kissed her forehead and prayed that day would never come. A little over a week before she passed away, before she lost her ability to communicate, she brought up that I need to look for bunnies again.

Again, I laughed and said, “Babygirl, where am I gonna see bunnies?” Again, we chuckled a little and took our conversation to happier things.

We all jumped out of the car. Expecting the bunny to be skittish and run away, we all tried to be very quiet. As we walked towards the bunny it didn’t run away. As a matter of fact, it got playful!

Dylan and I sat on the grass, and it came up to Dylan and let him pet its nose. It walked over to a spot and started to dig a hole then plopped itself in it…I’m not reading too much into this, but it seemed as if this bunny knew us! It eventually hopped away, and we were left feeling overwhelmed with emotion.

A bunny!!! What are the chances that in the middle of a city cemetery we would just happen to see a bunny?

Had the main entrance not been closed we would never have driven to the very back of the cemetery just in time to find this tiny bunny.

I think this is too big of a coincidence to not be more than that.

I believe our ZoeJane was with us. We called the office of Mt. Olivet and met with them the following Monday. We told them the story. They said that they live on the property and are the care takers. They have lived there for 27 years and had never seen a bunny.

They now see it often and leave food out for it. It just so happens that the area where the bunny plays was available for purchase, so we purchased 3 plots.

It’s right at the edge of the of the zoned plots and there is a beautiful patch of grass lined with trees and we have placed a bench there.

It’s the perfect spot for our family and friends to gather, to reminisce and the perfect spot to be alone and think. There are deer and squirrels that frequent the area as well.

I can’t help but think that ZoeJane has it all planned out.

If Harry Styles were to ever come to Utah, he would most likely perform at Rice Eccles. From her little spot we can hear the concerts perfectly.

You can bet I will be there to enjoy the concert with her.

When we visit, we don’t always see the bunny, but on occasion we do.

On Christmas eve two bunnies made an appearance. We felt ZoeJane’s presence. She is always with us, and we see her signs everywhere.

I am especially grateful to have felt her presence so strongly during our Christmas festivities.

Although things were different this year and we miss our girl so much, we are so grateful to know that God has a plan, and we will be with her again.

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