December 30th was the day that changed everything. The day the world stopped for the Betker Family.

7 Year old Zoe is the sunshine in their home. Full of sparkle and sass. She is currently taking acting lessons and loves to perform. Her smile lights the room.

She had a wonderful Christmas, but began to see double on Christmas Day. Concerned her Mom had her lay down, upon waking she was ill. Thinking it was Christmas excitement they weren’t overly concerned.

By December 29th when Zoe complained she could see double of everyones faces her parents worriedly ran her to the ER, at which time a MRI was performed and the diagnosis given.


A four letter word no parent should ever hear. A inoperable Brain tumor on the Brain Stem.

This is a place in which we will share ways to support the Betker family and cascade information for those that love them and to look for ways to take care of them as a community.